Christina Måneskiöld



Christina Måneskiöld


Colours are important and I use intense colours in my paintings and jewelleries. I use the same intense colours in my graphic works, where the ultramarine colour dominates. Motives are my inner and outer landscapes. My inspiration comes from the sea, the coast and nature, and from travelling. However, I have spent summers on the West coast of Sweden since childhood. This you will see in my paintings, with a lot of blue colour reflecting the sea and the sky.

For some years now,  I have worked with paper – produced paper, shaped paper, printed on my own paper, 3D in paper. Fascinating!


Art has always been a part of my life – starting with design of clothes, today also jewelleries and accessories, studies at art schools and of course painting. I have learned many different painting techniques.

I was born very north in Sweden, and I have grown up in Göteborg on the West coast and in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. Today I live in Brussels, Belgium and enjoy the summers in Sweden.